Our Mission


Ground Truth is the community where Computer Vision practitioners come to sharpen their sight and stay on top of the latest developments in the field. We've got everything you need to make your vision a reality, from the freshest news and research to tried-and-true best practices and cutting-edge techniques.

Here at Ground Truth, we're all about teamwork and collaboration. We believe that the best way to move computer vision forward is by working together as a community.


A weekly digest of the latest Computer Vision news, trends, and advancements in the industry. 


Tutorials, insights, developer tools, code & best practices for building Computer Vision applications.


Interactive LIVE events with Computer Vision practitioners working at the forefront of the industry.

Meet the Team

Hi 👋, my name is Dasha, I'm a community manager and editor of the Ground Truth.

My goal is to help you stay on top of important advancements in the field of Computer Vision and find solutions to use in real-world scenarios by providing quality information with minimum noise.